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Shiveen Pandita

Make Next DNS work with Arc Browser

I recently jumped on the bandwagon (again) for Arc, as I'm really not feeling Chrome's changes to shovel more ads down users throats.

One of the little pieces of set and forget software that I really like is NextDNS. I have been using them for coming up to 3 years now. The way I use it on my Mac is via profiles, which means it should be available to any app that uses system dns. Chrome doesn't follow system dns but the setting is easily avaiable in preference. However, I couldn't find anything that allowed me to change this setting readily in Arc, since their settings panel is kinda sparse. which resulted in:

Image showing NextDNS not configured for ARC

However, you can override the macos system dns settings to make it work. Just run:

defaults write company.thebrowser.Browser BuiltInDnsClientEnabled -boolean false

and just like that, my boi is back again

Image showing NextDNS properly configured for ARC