List of Goals for 2020

This is my personal tracking list for goals I have set for myself in 2020 to keep myself accountable.

  • Publish 20 blog posts

    This is my top goal for 2020. I have always enjoyed writing and reading through David Perrels’ blog and Paul Grahams’ essays has renewed my drive to publish as much content as I can this year. It’s going to be hard as I have several professional and personal milestones to reach this year.

  • Read atleast one book every month

    Those who know me, know that I’m an avid reader. But, I have been slacking lately. With this goal I’m looking to pick the habit back up. Sites like and reddit book recommendation subreddits are a great source to find books.

  • Complete one AWS cert

    Been on hold for a while, but the developer FOMO is real.

  • Watch less but quality TV

    2019, I successfully cut down my media consumption by cutting down on my subscription services. This year I’m planning to further cut down and only include weekends as out of work media consumption days.

  • Publish one useful webapp

    I tend to work on things, figure out a proof of concept and throw them or let other things take priority. This year, I am focusing on releasing one very useful app on the side.

  • Consume more Vegetables

    With a goal to become completely Vegan by the end of this year.

  • Practice stoicism and avoid excesses

    I feel like stoicism gets touted as some cure all panacea for the distractions in 21st century. Personally, I am looking forward to adopting it as a way to combat drain of energy so I can only focus it on things that matter.

  • Learn one new physical and creative hobby

    This year I’m planning to go all in on rock climbing and icon design. Let’s see how that goes.