This post is part 1 of this series. Part 2 can be found here.

Ever since the coronavirus started taking its hold around the communities and economies of the world - it has had a profound impact on everyone. As a result, everyone has had to adapt to this harsh new reality.

With all that in mind, I thought it might be worthwhile documenting everything that is going around in my head. But with everything going on it’s hard to put all those thoughts in a clean format. So what I have instead decided to do is make small posts about the small things that have happened since.

This particular posts is about all the things that I have always wanted or loved to do, but never had time to do.

  • Cooking in the last few days has been my go to hobby. I got all the extra time I have had in my life since I’m not wasting time commuting or being in meetings all the time. This has meant that since the last two weeks the quality of my meals has gone a whole lot better. There’s also something therapeutic about cooking which keeps me anchored during these times.

  • Releasing a side project, I have always wanted to build and release my own project but work and other priorities always came in the way. But as of last week I have finally managed to release a side project on AWS (blogpost about it coming soon ✨).

  • Reconnecting with family and friends, which has always been a priority but only recently has become so much easier. Pre corona lockdown, finding a time to go meet for a coffee or organise a time for dinner used to be a task befitting a degree in project management. Post corona lockdown, with most of my friends and family (those not working in essential sectors) staying at home and with the resurgence of easy to use telepresence services like Zoom and Houseparty, it has become easier than ever to communicate.

  • Reading, which has seen a steady decline since this time last year. I have always been an avid reader but lately my reading habits have been non existent, partly due to work and personal commitments and partly due to sheer laziness. Yet, staying indoors for the most part during the lockdown has reignited my passion for books and currently I am on by my way to finish the ever intriguing Master and Margarita.

  • Running, was a big part of my life in my uni days but sometime back I fell into the routine of gymming and not running enough. Like I would still jog on a treadmill inside the gym but any sort of outdoor runs were few and far in-between. Yet, with all the gyms closed now and most workout equipment sold out - I have rekindled my love for running. It’s so good to go out in the sun every other day and run/jog my way through the parks (keeping my distance from other joggers too of course).